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StoryGuider: Like Cats and Dogs is the first in the Mediator Mouse trilogy!  Meet M the investigative mediator, a mouse with a taste for fairness who will stop at nothing to help find solutions for their friends.  Help M settle a dispute between Patch and Mitty as they learn to play together, share, and make up after an argument!

This game uses the StoryGuider system and is intended for ages 2-5.  It includes everything you need for describing different choices.  It also has color-able pictures to go along with the story and to be used for coloring breaks. 

This story focuses on practicing the following skills:

  • Make choices between two options
  • Point to pictures when they are named and/or naming pictures
  • Give short answers (1-4 words)
  • Play simple make-believe games
  • Practice simple exercises
  • Practice gross motor skills (jumping, stomping, etc)
  • Practice fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, etc)
  • Practice playing with someone else
  • Noticing differences and similarities between friends

    About the StoryGuider system:

    StoryGuider is a system to help make simple stories with your kid(s) so they can get used to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), decision-making, problem-solving, etc.

    It focuses only on the RP side of TTRPGs (there are no dice or rule mechanics).  This is so kids can get used to playing as a character and changing the story without having to simultaneously worry about learning mechanics that they are not familiar with.  It is a stepping stone into playing more rules-based TTRPGs.

    I hope this helps you to introduce TTRPGs to your kid(s) and that you have fun sharing a story and starting a hobby together!


    Get this game and 2 more for $5.00 USD
    View bundle
    Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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