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This game has been picked up by a publisher (Catastrophe Games) and is no longer available for sale through TTRPGkids as part of the publisher agreement.  

However, I am leaving the page up so that people who have previously purchased this game can still contact me to get a copy of the original game that they've already purchased.  If you have previously purchased EnerGeodes and need a copy of the original version of the game, please contact me at hello@TTRPGkids.com and include "EnerGeodes copy" in the title of your email.

If you'd like to try out the new version of EnerGeodes being published through Catastrophe Games, you can pre-order it through their website here!


You and your scout troop have just arrived at Camp Geode, an old scout camp that suddenly shut down some 40 years ago and has just reopened.  The camp sites are a bit overgrown, and there’s a rival scout group staying here that is very determined to win the annual scout rally at the end of the month, however, you and your friends are also very determined to have a good time and earn some scout badges. 

While setting up for the first night, you hammer in your final tent stake and… you hit something hard.  You pull the stake out to find that there was a geode buried underneath that you hammered into a busted open!  You know that geodes are little rocks, dull on the outside, that are filled with tiny crystals on the inside, but this one looks a bit different.  The now exposed crystals sparkle, seeming to almost glow, and as you pick it up to take a closer look, a surge of power flows through you!

However, watch out because each geode has a limited amount of power that is stored up in it.  Once it is used up, it cannot be recharged (without VERY special means)!  You’ll need to find another one or get creative and find some other means to meet your goals.  Balance your power usage with your team, combo up powers with your friends, and take on the challenges of Camp Geode!

EnerGeodes was written as part of the Hack It!  3d6D TTRPG Jam and uses the 3d6D SRD by Lucky Newt Games with some tweaks.  It also includes 12 plot starters that range from casual summer camp fun to action-packed saving the world adventures.   There are also 12 pre-filled geode cards and a page of create your own cards so can make up your own powers!

Have fun, and... use your powers wisely!

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I love a lot about this game! The cards make the use of different geodes feel super approachable. The concept has this delightful Saturday-morning-cartoon feel to it. I like how inviting the story is to exploring the lore behind the geodes while also setting up plenty of smaller-scope stories about life at the camp that players I'm sure would get just as invested in. There's a lot of fun flavor packed into the text of this game.

From a design standpoint, this use of the 3d6D system seems like a really good compass pointing towards designing other games with a central collecting element, whether it be object collecting, monster collecting, or even a grittier survival-type game. I love the direction this pushes 3d6D (showing off the versatility of the system) and will probably use this game as my main jumping off point for exploring using 3d6D in similar ways.


Thank you so much!!  I am so happy so many elements of the game clicked, and for this to be a spring board for other games makes my day!!


Everything about this game begs to be played with the young and young at heart! And the idea of making the power source something outside of the person that can be uncovered and swapped and drained seems so obvious (why didn't I think of that?) but is a brilliant addition. I can't wait to play this game with MiniNewt when she's a bit older!


Thank you!  I'm glad you liked the variation, and I hope you have a blast playing it with MiniNewt one day!